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5 Top Skills as a Freelancer

There are more ten 6 lac people involved with outsourcing in Bangladesh. These people are taking freelancer as their career path. Lots of people are driving in this sector without thinking anything. Here we highlighted recently most popular outsourcing skills in online. It could helpful for a newbie to choose right course:

Graphics Designing:

Do you like drawing? Often you like to spend time in paint, Photoshop, and illustrator. You like to play around with tree, bird, house etc and very fond of this. Then you can drive with graphics designing as a freelancer. If you can prepared properly then you will have huge potentiality as a graphics designing. It will be easy to get job from the marketplace.

graphics-designAccording to famous designing salaries a professional graphics designer can earn around 1 lac dollar per month.  Buyers are ready to pay ten to two thousand dollar for a logo design. If you design website in Photoshop, then you will earn fifty to one thousand dollar. If you are thinking to freelancing on graphics designing then prepared yourself with a proper training.

Web Development:

Now a days, every organization want to have their virtual existence. They wish to have virtual address for their business. Because it is easy and cost effective to communicate. Till now there are more than 70 croror website in the virtual world. It took hugeweb-design number of worker to design or developing this websites. So, there are huge demand on web development skill worker in different marketplace. There always more than 10 thousand work in UpWork. In other marketplace, 35% work are related with web development. Skill professional are working at more than 100 dollar per hour on web development. Of course it depend on how much skillful you are? If you want to be a skilled web developer then you must know HTML, CSS, PHP, j-query, java script, mySQL etc.

Android App Development:

Android is the mobile operating system developed by Google and implemented in all its mobile phones and tablets. Although primarily created for touchscreens, it has found uses in a variety of devices through various proprietary hardware components and partnerships. This is an emerging skills in freelancing industry. People are working at 15 to 100 dollar per hour in Upwork. To be a professional app developer, you have to be expert on java, loop construction, string processing etc.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

It is impossible to think a business without website in internet business. But website is not sufficient enough to run a business.It requires promotion to spread among the people. SEO is one of the way to promote any website. Bringing a website link at the beginning in the search result is SEO. Work on SEO are increasing day by day. An SEO expert can earn 50 thousand to 2 lac taka per month.

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is one of the trending skills in different marketplace. Promoting clients product through the digital channel called digital marketing. Now days, there are more than 10 thousand per month work are available in Upwork. A person can earn 10 thousand to 1 lac taka per month on this skills.

Day by day the number of freelancer in Bangladesh are increasing.  More than 12% people are from Bangladesh in Upwork. If you are good in English and Set up your mind for freelancing the first of all you need to get train properly. You can drive as a freelancer, after having a training from quality training center.

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Important On page SEO Factors

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing single web pages for getting higher rank and gets more relevant traffic from search engines.

Keyword Research: Keyword research is quite possibly the most essential part of SEO. Keyword research is a decisive component for SEO (search engine optimization) because when keyword used correctly it shows a road map for both the design and execution of building websites and developing content. Keywords are usually broken up and clustered based on the number of words inside the query phrases. The more words in a keyword phrase usually the easier it is to rank for the term, since usually there is less relative competition.

Description Tag: A description tag is a snippet of HTML code within a web page header that recaps the content that is on the web page. The description tag is generally positioned after the title tag and before the meta keywords tag.

Meta Keyword Tag: Meta Keywords are a detailed type of meta tag that appear in the HTML code of a Web page and it helps search engines what the topic of the page is. Generally positioned after the description tag.

Alt Tag: ALT tag is a familiar shorthand term applied to refer to the ALT attribute in the IMG tag. Any time you use an image, make sure to add an ALT tag or ALT text in the IMG tag. For example, <img src=”web-design.png” alt=”Website Design”>.

H1 Tag: In HTML <h1> tag refers to the HEADER TAG. Usually used in Post Title or other emphasized text on the page.

Keyword Density: Keyword density is the proportion of times a keyword or phrase shows on a web page evaluated to the total number of words on that page.

Page Loading: Page load time is the time it acquires to download and display the whole content of a web page to the user (in browser window). Page Load time measured in seconds. Page load time is a web performance metric that openly impacts on user engagement.

Keyword Placement: In search engine optimization it means that where to use your keyword phrases within a web page.

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Basic HTML (Part-1)

Web design is the process of building websites using certain elements like layout, color, graphics, fonts, videos, content etc.. In short, web design is normally used to describe the process of design relating to the client side (front-end) design of a website using HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet).

Creating a HTML Document: Hyper Text Markup Language has many Tags. These Tags are usually placed within Angle Brackets. For example: <tagname> …….Texts/Contents…….. </tagname>. HTML file’s basic structure is shown below:html_structureHTML file/document starts with <html> tag and ends with </html> tag and save the document with .html extension. For example:

<title> This is Webpage Title Section </title>
<h1> This is a Heading </h1>
<p> This is a Paragraph </p>

Write this code using a Text editor (Notepad, Notepad++, Sublime Text, Dreamweaver etc..) and save with filename.html (put your design name instead filename and save with .html extension).


HTML Elements:- HTML elements generally consists with open tag, content and close tag. Basic syntax of HTML element is given below:

html elements

HTML Attributes:- Using attributes we provide additional information about HTML elements. Attributes are specified in Open tag or Start tag. For example:

html attributes

Here using lang=”en-US” attribute specify the language (en).

Some commonly used attributes and it’s short description are given below:

alt = Specify alternate name for an Image.

href = Specify URL.

id = Specify unique ID of the element.

src = Specify source.

style = To declare inline CSS.

height = To declare height.

width = To declare width.

rel = Specify relationship. etc..

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Some Words about Freelancing for Newbie

New generation are showing their interest for Freelancing in Bangladesh.They are driving in freelancing without thinking anything to mitigate their curious. But they never think what this is? And how this works? Lots of people are thinking, it is easy and can earn thousands of dollar/taka with one computer and internet connection. They don’t need to go through any hardship. Sometimes people are thinking if a professional freelancers are earning 1 lac per month than I can earn at least 10 Thousand Taka per month.

The newbie are coming with these type of thought with new computer and internet connection. They wish to earn freelancing30-40 Thousand Taka after 2-3 months training. Our so call training center should be criticize for this. Beside this our Government also taking initiative in this sector. But this training are not reaching to the root level yet and the quality is getting down.

So, I would like to say to newbie, freelancing is not for everybody, you must have the primary knowledge about computer and fluency in English. Not only that the candidate should have to be a hard worker. At the beginning the candidate should have concentrate on learning not earning. Before entering in the interview the candidate should study on that topic from the available source like, Google search, YouTube tutorial etc. but it takes long time to learn. It would be nice if the candidate learn from the quality computer training center.

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How to Start Outsourcing?

People are very often have a thought that how they are going to start outsourcing? To do that the person has known about how it works? Well, a person can start working as freelancer from the beginning. A freelancer is a person who does not assign with a company for long term. As a freelancer he/she need to open an account in different market place. These marketplace has different way of working. But bidding for a proposal is a very common one. The buyer/client will publish his/her requirement in a marketplace and then freelancer/provider will place their bidding price to get that job. Another one is, a freelancer will upload his/her services in the marketplace with a price tag and the buyer will buy the service. These are the two common method are using in the marketplaces.

are-you-ready-for-outsourcingPlacing services is the comparatively easy from the first one. Here the buyer will buy your services. But bidding is a bit of harder way to get job from the client. In this form, the candidates have to be a little bit creative. Because, the candidate has to write a proper proposal letter to the buyer. This is the only chance to get the job from the buyer. So now, if the candidate has fulfill the buyer requirement and have a 100% completed profile then he/she might get the work. Basically, there are two user are going to interact in a marketplace user/client and freelancer/provider. The marketplace role as a common place for both these user and they will charge certain amount as their service charge.

Here we have discuss about, how two user are interacting in a marketplace. But before going to this level, a candidate have to fulfill pre-requirement like creating attractive profile, add portfolio, showing eligibility etc. you have two basic fundamental ting in you before driving as a freelancer; one is dedication and another one is patience. I consider this two are the basic fundamental quality as a freelancer. If anyone have this quality then off course, he/she will get success as a freelancer sooner or later. So, it is important to go through the personal and skills development before entering in outsourcing.

Earn Money Online · Freelancing · Outsourcing

What is Outsourcing?

Now days online earning is an establish fact. An individual are working through online and generating earning for their living. There are different way an individual can earn from online such as like starting a BPO, Call center, data outsourcing-training-in-bangladeshentry, freelancing, affiliation etc. In other word, an individual perform task or services for another company/outside to generate earning through online. Working in this way is known as outsourcing. So many people are considering outsourcing as their alternative career path.

Bangladesh is a developing country with high density population. There are plenty of people are looking for opportunity in Bangladesh. In this case, the outsourcing can solve their problems. Outsourcing is also a very popular term in Bangladesh. Lots of people are successfully outsourcing their skills as an individual or with a corporate.

Currently, more than 6 lac people are outsourcing and earning handsome amount of money. So, Outsourcing is a golden opportunity of self-employment for living.